Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bottega Louie (Los Angeles)


Based on what I had for dinner, this place is overrated.

Pros:   PORTABELLO FRIES  - Not a stellar dish, but solid
           nonetheless.  I see why this is a MUST-HAVE at this
           establishment.  CHICKEN CARCIOFFI – A dish composed of
           Chicken Breast with Artichoke Hearts, Capers,Garlic, Herbs &
           White Wine was solid as well.  Perhaps a bit on the salty side
           for some people, but on the mark for me.

           PARKING –  $3 behind the restaurant at night.  Huge
           lot.  Do not confuse this lot with the small lot directly behind
           the restaurant.          

Cons:  THE WAIT –  It can be 1:30+ hours at night.  Their response to
           me inquiring, "How long a wait for a table for 2," was, "CHECK
           BACK IN AN HOUR."  So, in other words, at least an hour but
           as long as ???  Needless to say, the Host was the least bit
           helpful with his response.  On the flipside, when we returned
           10 minutes before he asked us to, to check about our wait, he
            had apparently already called for us 10-15 minutes

            So let me get this straight;  the Host asks me to check-back in
            an hour, not to be seated, but to find out how long my wait will
            be at that point. Yet I check back 10 minutes short of what he
            had asked of me only to find out he had already called for my
            party 10 minutes earlier!!  Okaaaaaaaay buddy.  That aside,
            the host was nice and promptly had us seated.  My gripe, if
            you want to call it that, was just with the vague response to my
            inquiry.  He might as well have told me, "Your table will be
            ready sometime between, now and then."  


            Food 2 Go –  I tried a simple sandwich that came with a potato
            salad and I also sampled a cold pasta dish of orchetti and…[
            don't remember what else].  While the food wasn’t bad, it
            wasn’t an upgrade from something you’d find at the deli
            section of your local supermarket either.

            The CALAMARI – While cooked to a proper doneness, the
            marinara that accompanied it, was nothing special.  Simply
            as a matter of preference, I’d pair it with Tartar Sauce or
            Aioli.  The marinara just reminds me of eating mozzarella
            sticks at Denny’s.  My fault for ordering this dish, I suppose.
            The ARANCINI  (Deep Fried Rice Balls) –  Again,
            accompanied with marinara – this time in a pool of it.  I
            preferred this sauce, however, only because it was smokey.
            Chipotle? Paprika?

             SERVICE – The waiter was decent but the person who’s sole
             job is, seemingly, to pace back and forth and pour water for
             you and clean your table a fraction of a second after you
             finish your plate…can be annoying.  I should rephrase that.
             The person wasn’t annoying – the concept is.  I felt like I had
             my personal servant at my beckoning.  I was surprised "the
             roamer" didn’t pat my mouth with my napkin for me.  The
             service was good –  just overboard, in my estimation.

My overall impression of BL is that, it can be better. Unfortunately, I
wasn’t blown away with what I had.  I will make it a point to return
one day and give it another try.  I hope, after my next visit, I’ll
leave satisfied knowing what all the hubbub is about with Bottega
Louie.  To be continued…

Aviation (left) – Plymouth Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon Juice & Crème de Violette.  Berry Lemonade (right).

Portobello Mushroom Fries w/ Dip.

Fried Calamari with Marinara.

  Arancini – Deep Fried Rice Balls with a Smokey Tomato Sauce.

Chicken Carcioffi – Pan Sautéed Breast with Artichoke Hearts, Capers,
Garlic, Herbs & White Wine.


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