Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Foundry on Melrose (Los Angeles - Melrose)


I came here specifically because I had seen Chef Greenspan appear on "The Next Iron Chef." Despite his all-too-sudden departure from the show at the hands of dried grasshoppers, I decided to see how he would fare when cooking more pedestrian American food.

Pros:  ONION RISOTTO - Had Chef Greenspan made it as an Iron
           Chef and the Mystery ingredient been Onion, this would have
           been a home run.  Cooked with onion, pearl onions
           incorporated, topped with tempura Onion Rings and garnished
           with Chives, this appetizer was fragrant and very "oniony" - but
           in a good sense.
           The FOUNDRY TOTS I was served were not under-seasoned,
           as others have mentioned about their order.  Guess I got lucky
           that day.  Either way, while I did enjoy the tots and I preferred
           the cheese fondue over the violet mustard, I especially liked
           the price for these (just 5 bucks).
           The ACCOMPANIMENTS - I actually preferred the warm potato
           salad with fine herb sauce that came with the Salmon than the
           Salmon itself.  The skin was crispy but otherwise the Salmon
           was simply roasted.  I was hoping for something more "Chefy."
           I can honestly say the same about the Duck Confit and the
           turnip, cabbage, apple slaw.  I loved the slaw/salad but the
           duck wasn't as succulent as I had hoped.

           Ambience - Nice and quite in the patio and quite the opposite
           inside especially when they have live performers.  You decide.

Cons:  Portions can be small and prices can be inflated.    

             The cocktails are fair but nothing memorable.  I tried the Pooty
             Tang, Consigliere, Madagastarr and the Grape & Cape.  My
              favorite was the Consigliere.
              The Peanut Butter & Jelly Bread Pudding was just okay and
              wasn't visually appealing.  My slice appeared hacked more
              than anything.

I have to say, I was excited when I saw Chef Greenspan come out to the patio and mingle with the diners.  I was hoping to exchange a few words with the man, but he skipped our table and went on to greet and converse with everyone else.  There must have been 8 parties dining outside at the time and he met with them all, except ours.  I'm not knocking the guy at all.  I think it's cool that the Chef - and one as high caliber as himself - would take the time to come out and see how the diner's are receiving the food.  I was just hoping he would have stopped by.  Oh well.  :o(        

Big ups to Shelley H, for the tidbit on parking!  CURSON ST. IS WHERE YOU WANT TO PARK.  2 measly blocks west of The Foundry is where you'll find an abundance of parking.  The other side streets are primarily resident/permit only.        

All in all, I left a little disappointed.  The food and service were good but my expectations were not met.  I might give it a shot again one day just to try out their Lounge/Happy Hour menu but that's about it.

Sorry, my Camera wasn’t behaving on this night.Embarrassed  

Pooty Tang (background) – Grey Goose, Triple Sec, Mango & Tang. Consigliere (foreground) – Woodford’s Bourbon, Amaretto & Fresh Grapefruit.

Homemade Focaccia with Balsamic Reduction Butter.

Foundry “Tots”- Fried Potato, Cheese Fondue & Violet Mustard Dipping Sauces.  

Onion Risotto with Tempura Onion Rings, Pearl Onions, Chives & Parmesan.

Madagastarr (left) – Starr Rum, Tuaca & Fresh Lime Juice. The Grape & the Cape (right) – Grey Goose Vodka, Bella Organic Grape Juice, Cranberry & Champagne.

Roasted Salmon with a Warm Potato Salad in a Fine Herb Sauce.

Duck Confit with a Turnips, Apples, Cabbage Salad/Slaw.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Bread Pudding with Peanut Brittle Ice Cream.

The Damage.

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