Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello Lupe's Pancakes (Los Angeles)


Something about paying $10.50 for 3 crepes didn't sit well with me.  See, I had just payed $10 at Nina's Food Stand for a Pambazo, a Huarache, 2 drinks and a sampling of Pineapple-n-Raisin Tamales.    

The 3 crepes I had were filled with cream cheese and individually topped with a strawberry, blackberry and pineapple sauce.  The crepes were really good but the sauces were slightly sweeter than I would have preferred.  My favorite topping was the pineapple sauce - it wasn't as sweet as the other sauces I tried.  The sweetness of the pineapple sauce contrasted well with the tang from the cream-cheese filled crepes.  These are really indulgent Crepes people!  Maybe a bit too much for me - at least on this occasion it was.  

I would have given Lupe 4 stars had the price been "appropriate" but since you can get so much more filling and tasty food for the same price in surrounding stands, I'll think twice about coming to this stand again.

Apparently, Lupe also makes funnel cakes, fried twinkies, fried cookies and fried bananas.  I didn't see a fryer so maybe those items weren't available on my visit or maybe she just does that when she caters.

You can reach Lupe at the number posted above or text/message her at 323) 245-9633.

Cream-Cheese Stuffed Crepes Individually Topped with Blackberry Sauce, Strawberry Sauce & Pineapple Sauce.

Business Card.

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