Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ichiban Sushi (Downey)


Take my review for whatever it’s worth.  I have very few experiences
eating sushi.  It’s not that I don’t like it, because I do.  I really
enjoy seafood but I never get a craving for sushi and when I do eat it,
I’m hungry again a couple of hours later.  That being said, if you’re
anything like me, this review is for you.

Pros:  Food –  I have tried the DUI, Spicy Tuna & Rainbow Rolls.  I
           also tried a few appetizers and found everything, at least,
           comparable to other sushi joints.  The most important thing to
           me was that the seafood was fresh and the rolls held their

           Parking  - They have a private lot and FREE
           PARKING is also available directly across the
           street in a parking garage.


            Service –  It can be a "Pro" or "Con."  Service is attentive –
            maybe a bit much.  Literally seconds after I finished a plate,
            someone came to swoop the dish away.  I didn’t feel rushed
            by the staff.  I just felt that they hovered over me.  Picture
            yourself in middle school taking [what was then] a major exam
            and having a teacher constantly walk up and down the aisles
            looking over your shoulder.  Anyway, that is the feeling I got
            while dining here on two separate occasions.  

I’m sure I’ll return since this restaurant is relatively close to home but
I wouldn’t make the trip if I lived more than 5 miles away.  I guess
that’s a better gauge of what my estimation is of this place.

Rainbow Roll.

DUI Roll.

Spicy Tuna Roll.


  1. this is my favorite sushi restaurant in the wolrd i go here as often as i can, i love this place best sushi place ever.

  2. You know, it's been so long since I last went there...I need to go back - especially since it's a stones throw from where I live. I especially love sashimi so I think I'll go that route next time around.

    Is there anything in particular that you enjoy at Ichiban, Jessi? Something I absolutely gotta try?