Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lotería Grill @ The Farmer's Market (Los Angeles – Mid-City West)


Lotería Grill is located smack-dab in the middle of The Farmers' Market.  I know there are a plethora of eateries to choose from at this LA Landmark and most, if not all, are very good but you gotta make it a point to check this place out sooner than later.  I'd recommend it for any meal of day but I particularly enjoy it for BREAKFAST and BRUNCH.

Pros:  CHILAQUILES VERDES - Gringos, fear not;  the "sauce".....I
           mean, salsa is more tangy than spicy in this dish.  These are
           some of the best Chilaquiles I've had.  Very simple yet
           satisfying dish.  CHILAQUILES DE MOLE - Prepared the same
           way but these fried tortilla strips get sauteed in mole.  I've
           never tried this version.  Odd too because I never thought to
           make Chilaquiles with Mole...but why the heck not??  Shame
           on me for eating these for the very first time in my early 30's.
           On the other hand, thank you Lotería Grill for introducing me to
           this version of the beloved Chilaquiles.  HORCHATA - ya ya, I
           know, rice milk.  Many of you hate this stuff so chances are this
           portion of my review won't be for you.  Fast-forward yourself to
           the "Cons."  For you, "Horchata lovers," you'll definitely enjoy
           this beverage here.  Often times, you'll order an horchata and
           it'll be diluted.  Not here.  The flavor is very concentrated.  Heck,
           you can buy 1 drink, pour half of the Horchata into another cup,
           top both off with milk, stir and still get more flavor than the stuff
           that get's passed around as Horchata in some places.

Cons:    THE LINE that forms can deter you from wanting to wait but if
             you do, it'll be worth it.

             PRICE -  It's not expensive by any means, just slightly

             PARKING - It can be a real hassle but if you secure parking
             FOR THE FARMER'S MARKET, and not the Grove, it's free
             (with validation from a Farmer's Market purchase) for 2 hours.
Indifferences -

             SOPES - I have only tried one and it was Papa Con
             Rajas (fried masa cake slathered with mashed black beans
             and mashed potatoes with roasted poblano peppers, topped
             with iceberg lettuce, cotija cheese and crema Mexicana).  The
             one I had was more of a knife and fork version as it quickly fell
             apart on me. The dough could have been fried a little crisper
             for my liking.  The flavor was okay but next time I'll go for a
             flavor boost and order a meat topped one.

I recently procured a "30% off Lunch" discount for their actual restaurant in Hollywood (as opposed to the stall @ The Farmer's Market) from   Unfortunately, that offer is no longer on the table.  But who knows, maybe they'll offer it again (cross your fingers)!  Regardless, if you're a Food Junkie like me, register and save a bundle on good local restaurants.   Either way,  I'll definitely be checking out the new Lotería Grill in the near future.

 Lotería Grill Facade.

Partial view of the Menu.

Agua de Melon (left) & Horchata (right). 

Chilaquilaes De Mole Poblano Con Huevos Revueltos – Crispy Tortilla Strips Sauteed in Mole and Garnished with Queso Fresco, Crema Mexicana, Chopped Onions & Cilantro.  Served with Black Beans.  

Chilaquiles Verdes – Same as the aforementioned Chilaquiles de Mole, but this one is sauteed in Tomatillo Salsa.  

The Black Beans that accompany the Chilaquiles.  I want to say they use Epazote to flavor it.  

 Sope De Papa Con Rajas – Fried Masa Cake slathered with Mashed Black Beans and Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Poblano Peppers.  Then, topped with Crispy Iceberg Lettuce, Cotija Cheese and Crema Mexicana.  

You know you’re Mexican if you own this piece of useless cookware.  Seriously, I don’t want to eat anything that is cooked on this thing.  Otherwise, this vessel is "ultra cool" to pass along to the patron with his/her check on it.

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