Monday, October 18, 2010

Luna Park (Los Angeles - La Brea)


"This Drink Will Save the World" (left) -  Veev Muddled with Fresh Strawberries & Cucumbers. Garnished with a keepsake Acai Seed Bracelet.  Chappaquiddick (right)  – Pomegranate Vodka Muddled with Orange, Lime & Cranberries.  Topped with a Splash of Sparkling Wine.

 Grilled Salmon Served over a Potato Cake & a Fava Bean Pancetta Succotash.

Parmesan Gnocchi Bolognese – Ground Niman Ranch Flat Iron, Andouille Sausage, Herbs Provencal & Crushed Ripe Tomatoes.

Deep Fried Apple Pies served Warm with Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream.


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