Monday, November 1, 2010

25° (Huntington Beach)


Wow! 25° makes some of the best  Burgers I've eaten.  Healthy Hamburgers (depending on whether you're a "Glass half-empty or Glass half-full" kinda person) are made with Ginormous Patties that have a good Char put on them, all the while retaining their Juiciness.  An array of Sauces and Cheese options only enhance these already Flavorful Hamburgers.

Pros:  WHERE TO BEGIN??  BURGERS - Ranking them from
          "Bestest" to best - #1, 3 & 4.  (I didn't factor-in the #2 only
           because I have yet to try it).  The #1 has Blue Cheese and
           Bacon so Win/Win already. #3 has Guacamole and other chile
           goodness so again, WIn/Win.  #4 was shockingly flavorful and
           moist for a seafood Burger; Thumbs up!    

           Surprisingly, I have not tried the regular fries. But that's no
           knock on them.  I just cannot get enough of the SWEET
           POTATO FRIES.  They are the best sweet potato fries.  They're
           Crispy and not too oily.  Most places where I've had these,
           serve them up very greasy and limp. These are done just right.
           25° supplanted Bouchees Bistro, in
           Long Beach, as my  favorite establishment for Sweet Potato

           The ONION RINGS are great too but I think true onion ring
           aficionados will say the breading is too thick.  I have a slight
           aversion to onion rings but their Onion Rings keep me wanting
           more.  Still, I'd take the Sweet Potato Fries if I had to choose
           one or the other.  

           SNACKS - The BACON WRAPPED DATES (stuffed with blue
           cheese) are delicious.  It's sweet, salty, chewy and creamy.
           The SPICY TUNA ON EGGPLANT is a more filling snack and
           really more of an appetizer in terms of portion size.  For the
           first time, I can say I enjoyed eggplant - probably because it
           was fried.  Anyway, the eggplant is crispy so think of this dish
           as spicy tuna bruschetta.

           The COCKTAILS and BEER are better than average.  My
           favorite concoction is the CUCUMBER COOLER.  As a general
           rule of thumb here and elsewhere; Go with the cocktails that
           are created  using freshly muddled ingredients.  I'd skip the
           drinks with infused spirits. The SPIKED SHAKES, on the
           whole, are better.  You pretty much get 2 drinks per order
           because they bring you the canister with the remaining
           blended drink.

           DUAL HAPPY HOURS - 7 Days a week from 3-7 & 10-Midnight
           at The Bar.  1/2 off select appetizers and $4 well drinks.

           Parking - Meters around the corner on 5th St (Free after
           midnight).  Meters on Main too but I never find parking there.
           Structure available if all else fails.

Cons:  Unless you are specific, your FRIES MIGHT COME OUT
            BEFORE YOUR BURGER.  Be sure to ask for them to come
            out together, if that is an issue for you.


            SERVICE - It's pretty chill in there so service can be a bit on
            the slow side of things.  The food doesn't come flying out of
            the kitchen either but I'm kinda glad they don't rush it.  I
            wouldn't want the quality of the Hamburgers to be compromised.

My quips are minor compared to the praise I have for this joint.  I'll be back again and again.  For the time being, the #1 from 25° and the Burger from The York, in Highland park, are neck and neck for "The best burger I've eaten."

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Eggplant.

Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese and Wrapped in Bacon.

Bananas Foster Spiked Milkshake – Dark Rum, Banana, Homemade Butterscotch & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  

Number Four – Yellowfin Tuna, Butter Lettuce, Crispy Fried Onions & Spicy Aioli. 


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