Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Harp (San Diego – Ocean Beach)


We only came here because Hodad's had a line stretching around the block and Gallagher's down the street only offered alcohol but no food.

I ordered the Fish n Chips and the dish did not automatically come out with tartar sauce or malt vinegar.  I had to ask for tartar sauce.  The only lemon that came with the fish n chips were 2 thin lemon slices used to adorn the plate.  The fish was cooked right but it was under-seasoned.  The "chips" just did not taste fresh and were served barely warmed through. - 1.5 stars

The Fish Sandwich was a little better and the fries that came with that order were hot and crispy. - 3 stars
Would I return?  Only for a pint.  Based on the food I ate, I'll pass.

Fish Sandwich.

Fish n Chips.

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