Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House of Blues (Anaheim)


3.5 stars for the concert venue - but this is my food blog after all. 

1 star for the food  and ½ a star for participating in a discount diner program.

Concert Venue - Relatively cheap tickets for shows.  If there is a line to go inside, you can avoid it and get in first if you dine there beforehand.  It's general admission so it's survival of the fittest if you want to be up close to the stage.  They have 4 bars.  1 upstairs, 2 inside the concert hall and 1 inside the restaurant.  They have a limited beer selection and nothing is available on tap. The sound is decent.  Intimacy + sound quality + ticket prices  =  3.5 stars.  

Food  -  Underwhelming.  I purchased a restaurant.com certificate for $2 that discounted my purchase of $35 worth of food by $25.  We ordered, 1 appetizer, 2 burgers w/ fries and 1 drink a piece.  After the discount was applied, the meal plus tax and tip came out to a little over $40.

Four our appetizer, we went with one of our favorites and ordered the spinach dip.  It was described as "creamy" on the menu but I'd describe it more accurately as "gummy."  The dip was also bland.  - 1 star

The Bleu "Blues Burger" wasn't much better.  It came on a sesame seed bun loaded with strands of steamed onions and rings of red onions.  Honestly!  I ordered a Blue Cheese Burger.  Had I not knocked off all the onions, the burger would have been a bigger failure than it already was.  The patty was a disappointment.  It wasn't beefy at all - very bland, in fact.  The patty was also dry and had an off flavor.  It reminded me of those preformed hamburger patties you can purchase at the grocery store.  - 1.5 stars

The Mushroom Swiss "Blues Burger" suffered the same problem with the patty.  Not flavorful and dry.  Again, too many onions.  The mushrooms were boring and the sweet potato fries were not seasoned at all.  As a matter of fact, these sweet potato fries were anything but sweet.  They had very little inherent flavor, now that I think of it.  It was almost as if they had used an underripe sweet potato.  It was barely sweet.  The fries were crisp but flavor-wise, these were the worst sweet potato fries I have ever had. -  1 star

My Guinness came in a bottle so it didn't fill my glass.  Seriously, at least offer Guinness from a can so I can have a full pint!  The cocktail was full of artificial flavorings so it didn't do anything for me.  - 1 star

Our server, Eric, was cool though.  Unfortunately, the "coolness factor" wasn't enough to salvage our meal.  - 4 stars

I won't come back to eat here but I will return to watch shows.

I purchased 2 discounts for this place and I do not intend on using the other certificate. IF ANYONE WANTS $25 OFF OF A $35 FOOD/BEVERAGE PURCHASE, HIT ME UP. 

 "Creamy" (more like gummy) Spinach Dip.

Bleu "Blues Burger" with Regular Fries.

Mushroom Swiss "Blues Burger" with Sweet Potato Fries.  

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