Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mixing Room (Los Angeles - Downtown)


I wanted to like this place but it didn't live up to the reviews - both, from Yelpers and The LA Times.  Sorry guys.

Perhaps, if I had come here on a slower night, my experience would have been better.  The Mixing Room was jam-packed around 10pm on the Saturday I went and the SERVICE WAS REALLY SLOW.  I must say though; IT WASN'T FOR LACK OF EFFORT.  The staff/tenders were overwhelmed because they were, as I saw it, UNDERSTAFFED.

The drinks I had were good and adequately priced ($10 per cocktail) but with a name like THE MIXING ROOM, I expected a bit more creativity in terms of MIXOLOGY.  It's no Copa d' Oro or Seven Grand.

I know this bar is in its infancy so I'm sure they're still ironing out the kinks.  For that reason, months down the road, If I'm already at LA LIVE, I'll swing by and check it out again.  But if the place is full and they appear understaffed again, I'll just go elsewhere.  It's not worth the hassle and it's not worth driving here if you are only planning to drink at LA LIVE and nothing else.  Save your gas and parking money.

And what's up with Parking Validation at the LA LIVE garage?  10 dollars flat fee on weekends with validation only from the theater?  That blows.

If you decide to come here, the Mixing Room is located inside the JW Mariott and immediately to the right.

The Fizz – Plymouth Gin, Pineapple & Ginger.

Black Mandarin – Hennessy Black & Mandarin Napoleon.


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