Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Las Perlas (Los Angeles – Downtown)


My first visit here was merely 2 weeks ago.  I thought I’d come back and knock out the rest of the cocktails on their menu.  Maybe they knew my intentions because they didn’t have all the necessary ingredients for The Melon, which means I will just have to come back again!  Woe is me. Angel Oh well.  
My mission wasn’t completely deterred.  The main draw for me was the Poblano Escobar.  It was reminiscent of The King de Bahia I had at Copa D' Oro, but better.  While not as hot as The King De Bahia, the Poblano Escobar is still spicy.  And although I am not the biggest Mezcal drinker, I am quickly becoming a fan.  Anyhow, I am less of an Elderflower Liquor drinker.  Hence, my preference for The Poblano Escobar.  On my next visit, I hope to finally try out the elusive "El Melon" and try a Smokey Margarita.    

Signage not even lit as it was still days before their soft opening.

Fresh Margarita…& The Poblano Escobar – Muddled Poblano, Mezcal, Pineapple Juice & Cumin.

Even 400 Hundred Rabbits feet couldn’t help me…

…win at a game of pool after a few rounds of Mezcal drinks.

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