Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Las Perlas (Los Angeles – Downtown)


I just got back from finally checking this place out.  Good stuff!!  I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone that is an aficionado of a well crafted cocktail.

I had 3 drinks.  In order of preference, I enjoyed the somewhat spicy and very smokey JUQUILA.  It was made with muddled Strawberries, Dried Chile and Mezcal.  Awesome!

My 2nd favorite cocktail was the 400 RABBITS.  It is made with tequila, blackberries, port wine syrup and something else.  Tequila induced amnesia - I apologize.  : - )  

My least favorite, which I still thoroughly enjoyed, was the DISCO MARIACHI.  It is made with green chartreuse, lime, orgeat and mezcal.  I'd say it straddled the fence between smokey and sweet.  Good balance to it.

I arrived on a Saturday night around 9:30 and was happy to find 2 bar stools for the taking.  Normally, when I go to a bar or restaurant, I don't care to sit at the bar, but when drinks of this caliber are prepared, I can't help but want to watch.  Anyhow, the place has a dozen or so tables for 2 and 4-6 booths for slightly larger parties.

They have an ATM immediately inside, a JUKEBOX with a wide assortment of music, a POOL TABLE AND A BALCONY so smokers can enjoy their "cancer sticks" and yet more tables to sit outside.

NO FOOD sold here but they do have these addictive bags of chips.  Different varieties of TAKIS are sold here  Get the "FUEGO (Fire)" ones!  3 dollars each.  I believe CHICHARONES are sold as well.

I enjoyed my visit here.  I left around 10:30pm and a line had already formed outside.  The bar wasn't full by any means but with 3 bartenders and 30 or so people already inside, I can see how the wait can be long for your drink.  It's better to just have people wait outside to get in, rather than have them wait inside for a drink -  My opinion anyway.  All I know is, get here early in the night, be polite and you'll be taken care of.  For the most part, the bartender we ordered from tonight was Manuel and his service, as well as the others, was friendly and very attentive.  I can't wait to come back and try the Poblano Escobar. 

Juquila – Strawberries, Dried Chile,
Balsamic Syrup, Mezcal & Lime Juice.

Juquila & 400 Rabbits – Tequila, Blackberries & Port Wine Syrup.  Garnished with Edible Flower Petals.

Cocktail Menu.

Disco Mariachi – Lime, Green Chartreuse, Orgeat & Mezcal.

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