Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marisco’s Linda’s (Huntington park)


The "ENVUELTO DE MARISCOS," was just as Mateo advertised (Read Review below).  What he failed to mention though, is that the whole thing is HELD TOGETHER WITH 10 OR SO TOOTHPICKS (a few toothpicks on the exterior and a bunch more inside).  Another thing he did not mention is that the Envuelto is ALSO STUFFED WITH CHEESE.  This is how my order came out, anyway.

Pros:  THE ENVUELTO was my favorite dish of the meal.  My plate
           came out piping hot and all the seafood was [surprisingly]
           COOKED TO PERFECTION.  The exterior was crispy and
           golden brown. The interior was MOIST and GOOEY FROM THE
           CHEESE.  The cheese had no flavor to speak of and that was
           probably a good thing (think blue cheese and fish - yuck!).  The
           cheese served more as a binder and textural component than
           anything else.  I really could have done without the
           presentation though.  I mean, C'mon! "Eyeballs?? (See
           picture)" Anyhow, the complimentary CHIPS & SALSA were
           good too.  The salsa wasn't weak or too strong.  Not  thick or
           too thin.
Cons: The WATERY SIDE SALAD - Why do Mexican eateries always
           serve this stuff?  Iceberg lettuce and tomatoes dressed in
           water.  Really??  That's just an egregious error, yet many
           places do this!!  WHY??  Shit, even my dad does this!! Ice
           cubes in a salad?  Really??  Minus 2 stars for that alone.

Envoltado de Mariscos -  Butterflied Whitefish Stuffed with Shrimp & Octopus.  Battered, then Deep Fried.  Served with White Rice, Steak Fries & Salad.

Interior of Envoltado de Mariscos.

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