Monday, November 1, 2010

Niko Niko Sushi (Cerritos)


Go to if you want a a discount for this place.  I bought a $25.00 gift certificate for a measly $2.00.  For it to be validated by Niko Niko Sushi, all you have to do is purchase $35.00 worth of food and Dine there.  After, 3 rolls, a bottle of Sake, tax and tip, my tab came out to $26.00. Score!  

Pros:  SIZE - The rolls are bigger than you would find at your standard
            sushi Joint.

            MENU - It is extensive with something for everyone.
            Additionally, all the rolls have accompanying photographs on
            the menu.  

Cons: PRICE - Honestly, I wouldn't come back here if I didn't have a
            gift certificate.  Yes, the size makes up for it, but not enough.  If
            you are a "Quantity over Quality" kind of person, then disregard
            this portion of my review.

            TOO MUCH SAUCE -  I ordered 3 different rolls and each one
            was drenched in the same orange sauce.  My mistake for
            ordering similar rolls, I suppose.  But even if I had ordered just
            one of these rolls, the sauce (while okay but maybe a bit
            sweet for me) was used excessively.    

The rolls I tried were the tnt, volcano and dynamite.  The VOLCANO was BEST IN TERMS OF FLAVOR but structurally, it didn't hold up.  I'd have to agree with everyone else here; The TNT was MY FAVORITE ROLL - probably because of the tempura shrimp and it had the least amount of orange sauce on it.  The Dynamite Roll was just "so-so."    

While I don't think this place has potential for a 4 or 5 star rating, I think, so long as you choose wisely from the menu, ask them to take it easy on the sauces and grab a certificate, you'll be more than content with a meal here.  Taking my own advice, I'll return and give-it-a-go once more.  Perhaps, I'll add a 3rd star if I feel "my approach" changes my overall impression of my meal.

Nigori Sake.

Dynamite Roll – Baked Seafood on California Roll. 

TNT Roll – Shrimp Tempura, Crab Meat, Avocado & Cucumber.  

Volcano Roll – Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Spicy Crab Meat & Baked Scallops.

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