Monday, November 15, 2010

Penny Lane (Manhattan Beach)


The Yellowtail Sashimi was great. Nice kick from the jalapeño slices and dressed with a wonderful tangy sauce. - 4.5 stars

I tried another fish dish that was lightly seared but cannot remember it.  Either way, it too was delicious. Sorry, I gobbled it up before I realized I hadn't photographed it yet. Shame on me!  - 4 stars

Miso Soup.  It is what it is.  - 3 stars

The Salmon Uramaki  was ehhh.  I can do without mayo on my sushi.  It's not bad but just my preference.  - 2 stars.

The Grilled Yellowtail Collar had good flavor but the skin was not crispy at all.  Maybe it's not intended to be eaten. But I love me some crispy skin!  - 3 stars

I tried a couple of rolls.  The Volcano Roll was baked and had a moderate amount of heat to it.  The Super Crunchy Roll was pretty standard but tasty nonetheless.  - 3 stars

The Nigiri-Zushi was also good standard fare.  It was my first time having Sea Urchin.  It has a texture that I am not in love with but the flavor is alright.  The salmon and other fish were fresh tasting.  - 3 stars  

The least favorite of the dishes I had were the Tuna "Tacos."   1) These were not tacos [but 3 Tostitos topped with minced tuna and a slice of jalapeño] & 2) This was an insult if not an attack on tacos.  Calling these things tacos is the equivalent of calling a bagel, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, a pizza!  Like calling Bacon Bits, BACON!!!  Like having sex with a blowup doll and claiming you got some P*SSY!!  Tacos, my nalgas!!  -  1/2 star.      

All in all, Penny lane is a place I'd return to but probably not on a weekend night.  Parking sucks around here as it is, so a weekend visit from me will probably not happen.  Oh and bring coins to feed the meters.

Lastly,  the chopsticks people keep talking's your personal chopstick container that they store your distinct sticks in should you meet or exceed the quota of $200 over whatever period of time you frequent the restaurant.

Thanks Terry and Lizzie for the Dinner.  I got next!  Tacos anyone??

Miso Soup.

Yellowtail Sashimi.

 Uramaki Salmon.

Grilled Yellowtail Collar.

Super Crunchy Roll.

Baked Volcano Roll.

Tuna "Tacos."

Assortment of Nigiri-Zushi including Salmon & Sea Urchin.

Purchase over $200 gets you a personalized set of chopsticks that they store for you in this Container.    


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