Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thirsty Crow (Los Angeles – Silver Lake)


Formerly Stinker's, this BOURBON/WHISKEY/RYE BAR is set to have their Official Grand Opening on 4/23/10.  Nonetheless, they are already open for business.  The group behind The Bigfoot Lodge has refurbished the place.  Having never been to Stinker's, I can't comment on the differences in decor but I can say that the interior is really nice. They have a JUKEBOX playing tunes that befit the bar and a SMOKING PATIO too.  

In terms of quantity, the Thirsty Crow isn't to the"Grand" scale of Seven Grand.  They have a select amount of Bourbon options with Mint Juleps, Old Fashioned, Manhattans, Whiskey Sours and variations or twists on each as part of their cocktail menu.  Organic Wine and Sparkling Wine Cocktails can be had here as well.

For Beer Aficionados, they have the following on tap right now: Allagash White, IPA, Oatmeal Stout, Boont Amber Ale & Napa Smith Pilsner.

Sunday nights are bourbon/whiskey/rye "Education Night."

I almost didn't make it in on a Friday night.  I don't know if parking is affected by Dodgers games, as Chavez Ravine is just up the road, but Parking was atrocious.  I almost gave up...almost!  Street Parking is metered but free after 8pm,  Once inside, I managed to procure a couple of Cocktails.  I tried a Marmalade Manhattan and their Signature drink - The Thirsty Crow.  The [Orange] Marmalade Manhattan was stiff but lacking in the Orange dept.  I got more essence from orange peel they flamed over the drink, than from the drink itself.  Either way, the drink was still good.  The Thirsty Crow was refreshing - just as advertised.  Not a strong tasting drink at all but I suspect after a few of these, they'll creep up on you and you'll end up pay for it in the morning.

I had a good time and it appeared everyone else did too.  I'll return one day and when I do, I'll make sure to come early in the night to avoid the crowd and grab a seat.  It got packed quick and the 3 bartenders looked overwhelmed (Good thing they started keeping people outside to form a line).  I'll also make it a point to come when the Dodgers are out of town.  Hopefully, then, parking won't be an issue.

Side note: The Grilled Cheese Truck set up shop around 6:30pm right in front and [it appeared] a lady was setting up a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Stand as we exited the place.  The Thirsty Crow allowed people to bring Grilled Cheese fare inside.

The Thirsty Crow (left) – Lemon, Lime, Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Bitters & Ginger Beer.  Marmalade Manhattan (right) – Maker’s Mark, Fresh Orange Marmalade, Vermouth & Bitters.

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