Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Varnish (Los Angeles – Downtown)


The Cocktails here are off the charts.  I tried 3 drinks.  All were bartender's choice. All were Superb!

Pros:   COCKTAILS - No Brainer, really.  They have a cocktail menu
           with a half dozen options.  I'm sure they're great but the
           creativity in the minds of these Mixologists/Bartenders is second-to-none.  Pick  
           their brains. Test them.  Challenge them.  You will be impressed.

           SERVICE -  Our cocktail chemist - Marcos Tello - was super
           kind and very engaging.  Yeah-yeah, it takes around 10
           minutes to get your drink.  Who cares??  It's not like you're
           getting a Jack and Coke,  And if you are, then you really
           shouldn't be in there to begin with.  Go elsewhere.  Heck, stay
           home!  Otherwise,  keep your pants on.  And if you are at the
           bar, enjoy the show as the mixmasters muddle their mastery
           for you.  

Indifferences -

           No Bar Stools -  Yes it sucks to have to stand there but if you
           had a seat at the bar, the turnaround wouldn't be as fast and
           you would have to wait a lot longer to get in.  If you don't feel
           like standing, be specific with the hostess at the door and ask
           for a table.

The Varnish has joined Copa D' Oro in my Mt. Rushmore of Cocktail Bars.  To compare, I have Seven Grand a notch slightly below and The Association a sliver behind them.

Sidenote;  Marcos Tello, one of the bartenders has entered several Mixology competitions and has placed or taken the Grand Prize in a few.  Big ups! 

Speakeasy Entrance.

Bartender’s Choice X’s 2 – Rum based drink on the left with Mint.  Gin based drink on the right with Cucumber & Black Pepper. 

Bartender’s Choice – Pepino Sour with Cucumber, Lime & Muddled Jalapeño.


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