Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whisknladle (La Jolla)


Nice restaurant.  Great service.  Better than average Cocktails.  Good food.  Slightly overpriced.  

I know restaurants make a bundle of money on pasta dishes and I have no qualms about helping them make that money so long as I get a plentiful amount of pasta and it is tasty.

While the SPAGHETTI CAESAR and the TAGLIATELLE BOLOGNESE were DECENT in FLAVOR, the PORTIONS were SCANT.  Seriously, $14 and $15 respectively for 1/2 portions?? -2 stars

THE MAPLE BACON PECAN CRISP WITH ROSEMARY SCENTED GRANNY SMITH APPLES was packed with flavor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor combination but the CRISP aspect of this dish was absent.  The Crumble/Topping was mostly soggy. -4 stars

The CHORIZO DATE FRITTERS IN MOROCCAN TOMATO SAUCE came out piping hot but once cooled enough to eat without burning yourself, these made for a good appetizer.  Whatever amount of Moroccan spices that were used for this dish were tame, so don't expect a whole lot of spiciness - more of an underlying flavor -3.5 stars

The Cocktails I tried were the CUCUMBER AND HONEY MIMOSA, LA REINA and the APPLE WHISKEY SOUR.  The were all better than average with my favorite of the 3 being the Tamarind and Tequila based "LA REINA." -4 stars  

Prices are a few bucks too high, in my estimation but the service is top notch.  The staff was helpful, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.  -5 stars

If you don't want to drive around looking for PARKING, just head over to the Parisi Hotel located 1 short block away on Prospect /Hirschel.  With validation, you'll only have to pay 1-2 dollars.  Pay at the machine in the lobby before getting into your car.  You cannot pay at the gate.

Overall, I give this restaurant a 3.5 and I'd give it another shot as it has greater potential.

Menu with Restaurant Emblem.

Dinner Menu.

Cocktail List.

Cucumber & Honey Mimosa (left) & La Reina (right). 

Complimentary Bread.

Chorizo Date Fritters in Moroccan Tomato Sauce.

Spaghetti Caesar.

Tagliatelle Bolognese.

Apple Whiskey Sour.

Maple Bacon Pecan Crisp – Rosemary Scented Granny Smith Apples with Maple Ice Cream.

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