Monday, November 8, 2010

Wood Spoon (Los Angeles – Downtown)


"The Best Thing I Ever Ate - The Classics" aired on Friday.  I came here on Saturday.  Giada De Laurentiis raved about the Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie so I decided to check it out for myself.

Pros:  BRAZILIAN CHICKEN POT PIE -  Was almost as good as
           advertised but, "C'mon, Giada, you practically creamed yourself
           over this dish while describing it.  I mean, it's not like it had
           bacon in it!" :o)  Giada's hyperbolic description,
           notwithstanding, was worth it though.  I thoroughly enjoyed the
           dish.  The dough was flaky, the filling was creamy and it had a
           good amount of shredded chicken in it.

           THE YUCCA FRIES  - I've never eaten Yucca before.  I'll
           definitely eat it again - especially fried.  The Sausage that
           accompanied it wasn't fatty or flavorful enough for me though.
           This Appetizer is served with Mustard.

           COXINHA  - I could munch on these all day.  It's basically a
           Chicken, Herb and Spice stuffed croquette.

            FRESH COCONUT JUICE/WATER -  You know, just like you've
            seen on tv...when they hack apart a coconut with a machete
            and stick a straw in it?  That liquid and served that way! The
            only thing missing was the island setting.  Anyhow, I've had
            this before but the coconut water was never THIS flavorful and
            sweet.  I guess they know how  to pick their Coconuts and I
            don't. :o(

            SERVICE - The service was okay from our server but
            Chef/Owner NATHALIA WAS FANTASTIC!  I ordered, with my
            server, the appetizer combo to which he replied that they were
            all out of several components, so I couldn't get it.  Not a
            problem.  I ordered something else.  Anyhow, towards the end
            of the meal, the sweetest soft-spoken lady came out of the
            kitchen to ask about our meal.  I told her I really enjoyed the
            fare but was disappointed that I couldn't try the appetizers that
            they had ran out of that night.  She told me not to worry!  She
            said, "I'll make you some," winked and went back into the
            kitchen.  When she reappeared, she presented the combo
            appetizer in complete detail.  If that isn't service, if that isn't
            hospitality, I don''t know what is!  To top it off, the dish was on
            the house!  Thank you Nathalia!!                      

Cons:  THE GREEN DIPPING SAUCE - I actually liked the sauce. I
             just wish it hadn't been a condiment for the 3 different dishes I
             tried.  Looking over the photographs from other people, I
             see that others had their croquette's served with a different
             dip.  I would like to have tried a different one.
Indifferences -

            PARKING/AREA - Parking is not that difficult to come by here.
            Sure, you have limited street parking but there is plenty of lot
            space around that is just a hop, skip and a jump away.  The
            main thing is, having to navigate through the annoying one
            way streets.  The area isn't that sketchy either.  I guess if you
            live in a gated community or have no idea what a "ghetto bird"
            is, you'll think the location is the pits.  But at 9pm on a
            Saturday night, there were no vagrants around to be a bother
            or nuisance.  Furthermore, this restaurant isn't in some back
            alley or deserted street.  Fear not, people.

             TILAPIA SANDWICH, YAM FRIES & SANGRIA -  The sandwich
             was good but nothing a homecook couldn't make.  The Yam
             Fries were good too but DO NOT CONFUSE THEM WITH
             SWEET POTATO FRIES - They're a completely different
             animal.  The Yam Fries are not crispy at all and they are
             sweeter.  I still enjoyed them, but are they really fried?  You be
             the judge.  Lastly, the Sangria was okay and I detected
             Cinnamon in it.  It was Interesting but the Sangria had 2
             blackberries and no other fruit in it. I was hoping
             to munch on some pieces of wine soaked fruit.

I give the food 3.5 stars and the stellar service and attention from the owner, an added 1/2 star.  I'd recommend this restaurant to everyone. Congratulations on your success, Nathalia and good luck with your pride & joy - Wood Spoon.

Sangria & Fresh Coconut Water.

 Calabreza Sausage and Yucca Fries.

Fish Sandwich – Grilled Tilapia Fillet, Avocado, Tomato & Cilantro Mayo on a Toasted French Roll.  Served with Yam Fries.

 Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie – Shredded Chicken Breast,
Hearts of Palm, Olives & Roasted Corn.  Served with side Salad.

Interior of Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie.

Coxinha (left)- Brazil’s most popular street food is a Potato Croquette stuffed with Chicken, Herbs & Spices.  Potato Croquette (top) & Portuguese Croquette – Potato & Salted Cod.

Interior of Coxinha.


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