Friday, December 3, 2010

Caña Rum Bar @ The Doheny (Los Angeles – Downtown)


Apparently the $20 annual fee DOESN'T entitle you to a free Daquiri.  :o(  I asked the doorman and bartender about the supposed free cocktail and neither of them knew what I was talking about.  Needless to say, I didn't receive a complimentary drink.  Thanks fellow Yelpers!!

All that aside, this place is terrific!  $20.00 smackaroos gets you in this place for a a full year.

Free parking - So the way I see it, after 4-5 yearly visits, the membership pays for itself.  I mean, most of the great bars around town have parking lots or parking garages that require around $5, so one way of thinking about it is, you're paying for parking up-front for the whole year.

Another way of thinking about it is, the $20 goes to a monthly charity.  Seriously, how can you get upset over that?  I guess this is why I felt like a tool, when I asked about that "alleged" free drink.  I felt like I was being heartless for even asking, when all the money I paid to get in, was going to a needy charity.  Anyhow, after that embarrassment, I learned that one way the Caña Rum Bar gets to keep their Liquor License is, if they continue to provide money to charities.  By all means, keep contributing!

On to the good stuff...The drinks are high caliber.  So far, I have sampled 8 drinks off their menu and hope to try them all by year's end.  I tried the Camptown Swizzle, The Spring, Floridita Daquiri, Caña Colada, The Zombie, The Adelaide, Wray & Ting, 3 Dots And A Dash & A Watermelon/Passionfruit Syrup Bartender's Choice Cocktail.  My favorites, by far, are the Camptown Swizzle and Adelaide.  The others were good, but these two are standouts!  They also serve punch bowls priced at $40 and $80.  The only difference, as I saw it, was the serving size per bowl.  One is for 3-4 persons, the other 6-8.      

In summation, $20 gets you in for an entire year from the date of purchase. You pay at the door.  With your membership, you can bring 3 other people with you.  Free Parking.  Fantastic drinks.  Great service.  Very spacious bar (roughly 10 bar stools, 5 booths and many more tables excluding the seats on the patio).  The patio is cozy [until people start lighting up].  It has a fireplace and musicians playing tunes befitting the bar's theme.

Parking is through Flower St.  Driving south (one way street), the entrance is immediately on the right side just after Olympic Blvd.  The driveway is just before the Caña Rum Bar sign.


Liquor Cabinet in the hallway.

Capetown Swizzle, The Spring, Caña Colada & La Floridita Daquiri.

3 Dots And a Dash (left) & Bartender’s Choice (right) – Fresh Watermelon Juice,  Passion Fruit Syrup & Rum.

The Zombie.

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