Friday, December 10, 2010

Coolhaus (Los Angeles)


I finally came across another food truck I'd want to revisit.  

I didn't get to try the more adventurous flavors because they didn't offer them on this particular day.  I was bummed out.  No Blueberry Cobbler, Whiskey w/ Lucky Charms, Brown Butter w/ Candied Bacon, Lambrusco, Foie Gras, Mascarpone Balsamic Fig, etc.  It is for these flavors alone that I will seek this truck out again.  

The ice cream sandwiches I tried were creamy and not too sweet - a plus in my book.  I tried 2 sandwiches.  The Sea Salt Caramel on Snickerdoodle Cookies was good but I much preferred the Vanilla Bean Based Meyer Lemon Ice Cream on Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  

I would have given this truck a 4 (or 5, in fact) because I really enjoyed what I sampled but I was disappointed that the main flavors that I wanted to try were not available.  Also, while the Ice Cream is really good, the cookies are slightly harder than you would want them to be.  

As far as the price goes; I have no problem shelling out $4 per sandwich.  I feel that the serving size is more than substantial.  It's dessert people!

Lastly, about the edible wrapper these sandwiches are served on - Edible they might be, but PALATABLE they are certainly not!


Souped up Ice Cream Truck.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Vanilla Bean/Meyer Lemon Sandwich.  

Snickerdoodle Cookie, Sea Salt Caramel. 

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