Saturday, December 4, 2010

La Cachette Bistro (Santa Monica)


Valet is not 5 dollars - at least not on Saturday evenings.  It's $6.75 now.

Where did they valet my car?  20 ft. in front of where I had dropped it off - where the curb was also painted red!

The restaurant itself is cozy.  Their dining room, patio and bar/lounge is pretty big.  There is no real need to make reservations if you ask me.    

We sat around the bar and we were given the option of selecting our food from both the Bar Menu and Dinner Menu.  We got there just as the late night Happy Hour was starting so we opted to go that route.  Their late night Happy Hour, by the way, runs from 8:30-close.

We had 3 drinks.  The Cachette Sangria, Cilantro/Chile Caipirinha & The Coronado Trace.  The Caipirinha was good and spicy.  The Sangria was also good and came filled to the brim in a tall wine glass but lacked any chunks of wine soaked fruits that I love in my Sangria.  The third cocktail we tried was The Coronado Trace.  It didn't do it for me.  It was too sweet and artificial looking/tasting.  Overall, for the drinks...3.5 stars.

The food had potential but most of it was a little flat.  Our first plates consisted of a Crab and Avocado Tower and Gambas.  The Gambas we enjoyed.  The Crab/Guacamole was good as well, but it lacked some texture.  It could have been better had it been accompanied with chips, bread, crackers, etc.  We also tried their Sweet Potato Fries and enjoyed them as well.  They weren't greasy and they were crisp.

Our last 3 plates were a beef slider, tuna slider and Bread Pudding.  Both of the sliders lacked seasoning - salt at the very least.  And at $5 per slider, I'd suggest passing on these, if I were you.  It would have been an absolute crime to have ordered these if it weren't Happy Hour.  Normally, you'd get 1 tiny slider for $8!!  The bread pudding was nothing remarkable either.  I'd pass on that too.  For the food that I tried - 2 stars.

The one bright spot about La Cachette, is the service.  From the host, to the server, to the bartenders...they were all super friendly. - 5 stars

Will I return?  Too many "better seasoned" fish in the sea.

Sangria Cachette (left) – Red Wine, Brandy, Canton Ginger Liquor, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Champagne.  Chile & Cilantro Caipirinha (right) – Leblon Cachaca, Cilantro, Lime, Honey, Chile Powder & Soda Water.  

Crab and Avocado Tower with Grapefruit Dressing & Gambas with Cocktail Sauce.

Grass Fed Beef Slider (left) – Tomato, Grilled Onions, Horseradish Dijon
Mustard & Blue Cheese.  Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Slider on Brioche with Beet Horseradish Sauce (right).

Coronado Trace – Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Canton Ginger Liquor, Rhubarb & Ginger Ale.

Bread Pudding with Dark Chocolate Sauce.


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