Sunday, December 5, 2010

Library Bar @ The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood)


I am conflicted.  I have a love/hate relationship with this place.  Here, I'll explain.


The cocktails they make here are some of the best you'll ever come across.  They don't skimp out on the alcohol yet the drinks are balanced so that nothing is overly sweet, tart, boozy, etc.    

The creativity is simply off the charts.  I saw that they had balsamic syrup, so I asked them to make me 3 drinks incorporating the syrup BUT I wanted no 2 drinks alike.  The bartender answered the call with 3 similar looking drinks but the flavor profiles were completely different.
One was herbal, the other sweet and the last one spicy.  One of the drinks was topped with a St. Germain foam.  Pretty awesome, I  thought.  The only other place where I had seen this employed is at The Bazaar (only they call it "air" and not foam).

Molecular stuff aside, I love that head bartender, Matt, fully embraces vegetables and savory elements into his cocktails.  Aside from Vincenzo at Copa D' Oro in Santa Monica, Matt is the only other guy around LA that buys the produce for his drinks at Farmer's Market's.  From what I hear, Matt is actually growing his own too now.  Talk about passion!

Anyway, this is where my love for this place plummets, unfortunately.

1) While every drink I tried were superb, the price tag was not.  Three cocktails for slightly over $50 with tip is really harsh. 

2) Parking sucks around this hotel and if you valet, depending on the day and time...$$!

3) Most of the people that party it up, in and around the hotel are typical drunk Hollywood douche bags.  Now, while they aren't necessarily in the bar, you'll encounter more than enough of them as you enter and leave.  And of course, one will always come inside the bar trying to order a "vodka & red bull."       

If this bar were anywhere but Hollyweird...
If  I could park free of charge...
and not have to pay $15 per drink, I'd give it a 5, but  because of the aforementioned, 4 stars it is.

Bartender’s Choice x’s 3.  Far right drink had Balsamic Syrup, Muddled Berries & topped with St. Germaine Foam.

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