Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mariscos Jalisco Truck (Los Angeles)


It's "almost" unfair to invite "real" L.A. Food Trucks/Vendors to these Food Fests...ALMOST!

The fact of the matter is; trucks like these, ARE the real deal.  If any winner should be proclaimed "Best in Show" for an L.A Food Festival - so long as "real food trucks" participate - the discussion has to begin and end with trucks like "Mariscos Jalisco." 

While this might not be the traditional [carne asada] taco truck, it's an immediate descendant of it.  No fusion here, no flash and mirrors, no gimmicks, no tweets, no suped-up truck, no skimpy portions and no price gouging!  Ya, I said it - PRICE GOUGING.  "Gourmet" food trucks sell their fare at exaggerated prices almost to the point of price gouging!  4 tacos here for a measly $6 will fill you up real good.  It would cost you $15-25 to purchase 8 -10 tacos from Kogi, Calbi, Komodo, etc to fill you up the same way.

Like I had previously mentioned, this is not a carne asada, tripas, carnitas...truck.  This is a Seafood Truck.  Like Ken C said, this truck beat out upwards of 60 of your beloved gourmet trucks in the year's Street Fest at the Rose Bowl.  Anyway, on to the delicious food.

I ordered the Tostada Mixta and for $4.75 I received a heaping mound of Octopus and Whole Shrimp marinaded in lime juice, mixed with tomatoes, chunks of avocados, cilantro and onions; all atop a tostada layered with minced snapper.  They have 3-4 unmarked red bottles with what I assume are their home made salsas but I went with the old standby - El Tapatio.  I loved this plate.  Everything was fresh and with the abundance of seafood, I managed to make 2 more tostadas from the original plate.  They have a bag of tostadas and saltines by the window if you want to lengthen your meal, otherwise, you'll have to eat your way halfway down the tostada with a fork, before you can pick it up and eat it.  - 5 stars

The plate that took the prize at the Food Fest was the Taco Dorado de Camaron.  The Deep Fried Taco (or Hard Shelled Taco, as some of you put it) is a tortilla filled with Shrimp [and bound with potato?]. Once deep fried, avocado slices are layered over it and a tomato salsa with scallions and Jaiba pieces are poured over it.  At $1.50, these tacos are a steal!  Flavor-wise, I can see why these took top honors, but I still enjoyed the Tostada Mixta that much more. - 4.5 stars

They're open from 9-6pm daily along a stretch of 2-3 similar trucks, east of Soto St. on the south side of Olympic Blvd.  While finding parking on the "truck side" of the street might be harder to come by, the opposite side of the street, almost ensures you a meter-free parking spot.

Until, "Gourmet Food Trucks" step up their game, jack up portion sizes and/or slash prices, "Mariscos Jalisco" and other similar quintessential L.A. Food Vendors like Nina's Foods (, winner of the "Los Angeles Vendy Awards," will continue to run away with the top prizes - and that's just fine by me!

The truck.

The Menu.


Tostada Mixta – Octopus, Shrimp, White Fish, Onions, Tomatoes, Avocado, Cilantro & Lime Juice.

Tacos Dorados de Camaron.

Business Card.

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