Friday, December 17, 2010

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant (Los Angeles – Downtown)


We came by specifically for their 3 Year Anniversary Special.  The menu consisted of 6 small plates, 1 dessert, 2 wines, 3 cocktails, 5 sakes and 3 bottled beers -  all for a measly $3 per item!

First of all; I didn't bother looking for street parking this time and drove directly to the valet. Valet is $7 and located on a tiny alley-street - Lebanon St. - between Flower and Figueroa, north of Wilshire Blvd.  The entrance to the building is on Wilshire and 21 floors up is the restaurant.  

We arrived minutes before our reservation of 8:45 and understandably, there was a short wait - what with the 3 dollar specials and all!  We went over to the bar and got a head start.  We ordered a pair of cocktails.  We ordered the Absolut L.A. and a Lychee Martini.  Neither drink was stellar but at 3 bucks a pop, can you really complain? Of course not!  The bartenders, Joe and R.J. (?) were lively with their playful back and forth banter and they definitely made the atmosphere very festive.  They concocted a round of FREE sake shots for everyone at the bar.  Whatever it was that they made, it was very tasty and probably our favorite drink of the night.

After wetting our whistles at the bar, we were promptly seated in their outdoor patio.  Despite my bad photography, the view was pretty awesome.  We ordered another round of drinks.  This time, my favorite Hef and a peach and pomegranate Bellini.  

The food began rolling out as we ordered all 6 items off their anniversary menu - and a few of them we even placed a few orders.  Our least favorites, simply because they were standard rolls, were the Salmon and Spicy Tuna Rolls.  But aside from these being your everyday common rolls, they were good and again, for 3 bucks?  C'mon!  

In the middle of the pack was the Flank Steak Robata and the Sushi Trio.  The Robata was cooked beyond my personal preference but it was peppery and juicy enough to still enjoy - the accompanying mustard based sauce (?) was not my favorite though.

Among our favorites from their special menu were the Japanese Tacos.  This dish provided the crunch and texture that was missing from the previous plates.  And although, it wasn't a crab stuffed taco, but crab stick/imitation crab meat, I didn't mind.  Again, 3 dollars people!  The other favorite of ours was the Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice.  I enjoyed the warm and crispy rice against the cool and smooth tuna paste.  The last of the dishes we tried was their "Tira Misu" dessert.  A play on the Italian Tiramisu, theirs was lighter with a green tea soaked (?) cookie layered with whipped cream.

Here's a tally of what our dinner came out to.  Not shown on the dining room bill was what we had at the bar.  In total - 2 Beers, 3 cocktails, 2 Complimentary Sake Shots, 11 Plates & 1 Dessert.  Grand total = $55.  Pretty damn frugal, eh??  

We enjoyed our dinner, the view, the prices - no doubt and above all, the service and warmth that the entire staff embraced us with.  Thanks a bunch.

Signage at Lobby Elevator.

The view from our table 21 floors up.

Absolut L.A. (left) – Absolut Blueberry, Acai, Splash of St. Germaine, Pama Liquor & Lemon Juice. Lychee Saketini (right) – Rock Nigori Sake & Lychee Juice.  

Salmon Roll.

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice.


Sushi Trio – Ono, Pepper Tuna & Albacore.

Flank Steak Robata.

Franziskaner Hefewiezen. 

Bellini – De valier Prosecco, Peach Shnapps & Pama Liquor.

Spicy Tuna Roll.

Japanese Tacos.  

"Tira Misu."

Not shown on the dining room bill was what we had at the bar.  In total – 2 Beers, 3 cocktails, 2 Complimentary Sake Shots, 11 Plates & 1 Dessert.  Grand total = $55.  Pretty damn frugal, eh??   


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