Thursday, January 20, 2011

Los Angeles Shave Ice Truck (Los Angeles)


It always seems like I run into food trucks when I least suspect it.  But whenever I'm actively looking for one, they're usually farther out than I'm willing to drive.  Funny how that happens.  In any event, I stumbled upon the [peculiarly named] "Los Angeles Shave Ice" truck over the weekend while walking down Melrose.  The menu is straight forward with no apparent departures from your typical shaved ices.  Sorry, but no bacon ice cream, bacon bits or bacon syrups to flavor your ice here - and that's probably a good thing!  But I digress...

I ordered a Tiger's Blood Shaved Ice with a base of  Pistachio Ice Cream, all topped with Chimoy.  For my taste buds, I can best describe Tiger's Blood as having a predominant strawberry and watermelon flavor with slight undertones of banana and coconut.  I liked the shaved ice just fine but I must say I prefer Get Shaved.  Their ice is softer and smoother - almost creamy.  I would still return to this truck in a heartbeat, however.  At about $4 per ice, you really can't go wrong.           

The Truck.  

Their Menu.

Tiger's Blood Shaved Ice with Pistachio Ice Cream & Chamoy.

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