Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mac n Cheese Carbonara with Poblano Chiles

I wanted to make Mac n Cheese for a Christmas party.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, the party never materialized for us.  I still had ingredients though and I didn't want to use them for anything else.  My recipe is essentially identical to the one Bobby Flay used for his victorious Mac n Cheese Throwdown.  

I substituted the elbow noodles for small shells.  Nothing against elbow noodles but they just remind me of the boxed mac n cheese most of us had growing up and I wanted to elevate this nostalgic dish.  Additionally, I roasted a Poblano Pepper, diced it, and mixed it in along with the Pancetta.  The final deviation from the original recipe was that I made a bread crumb topping.  I like the texture of a broiled and slightly browned topping on my mac n cheese. I thought this was the best Mac n Cheese I have ever had.  My favorite was formerly from Beechwood BBQ in Seal Beach.  The Mac n Cheese that I made cost a pretty penny though.  The 5 cheeses alone racked up over 20 bucks!  Even though the entire thing cost around $30 to make, it was well worth it.  Originally, I had made the dish in a casserole but that wouldn't have been a very sexy photograph to take.  So, I decided to make a single serving in a ramekin, restaurant style - garnish and all!            

Mac & Cheese Carbonara.

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