Sunday, August 21, 2011

Open Sesame (Manhattan Beach)


 Menu Cover.

 Jalab - Rose Water and Grape Syrup Infused with Incense.  Topped with Pine Nuts & Slivered Almonds.

 Yogurt Dip - Yogurt Tossed with Cucumber & Dry Mint.  Served with Pita.

Charbroiled Grilled Tiger Shrimp Marinated in Garlic, Olive Oil, Cilantro & Pepper. Served over Basmati Rice with Spicy Hummus & Tabouleh Salad.

Laban - Chilled Yogurt Drink with Dry Mint and Salt.

Chicken Shawarma - Marinated Chicken Breast and Thigh Cooked on an upright spit, Thinly Sliced and Served with Hummus, Garlic Sauce, Wild Cucumber Pickles, Pita and a House Salad.

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