Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Escondite (Los Angeles)


Buffalo Mushrooms with Celery, Carrot Sticks & Bleu Cheese.

The Escondite - Italian Beef Sandwich with Provolone, Spicy Peppers, Au Jus & Seasoned Fries.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fig Cocktail

Lilly just had to go to Trader Joe's over the weekend.  And of course, I had take her.  As it turns out, I'm glad I did because I ended up purchasing some much needed cocktail ingredients like agave nectar and honey.  That's when the cocktalian in me came out.  I bought figs and thought about making a fig simple syrup or infusing rum or bourbon with it.  But I wanted immediate gratification.

So, in a cocktail shaker, I muddled the hell out of 3 figs, added juice from 1 key lime, juice and orange peel from a quarter of an orange, added 2 ounces of brandy and topped it with ice.  I shook it vigorously and poured the entire mixture into a fig rimmed glass.  I thought the fig paired well with the brandy and the acid from the lime helped cut through some of the sweetness.  The orange added depth and fragrance/aromatics.  Overall, the flavor was a success.  I would improve upon this drink, by juicing figs next time.  Because I muddled the figs, the drink came out too pulpy.  I like pulp - just not in my cocktail.  I'll try making this drink again (with said modifications) real soon.  Stay tuned.            

Figgy Cocktail.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

LA Fair (Pomona)



An absolute MUST if you go to the fair.

This is the sole reason - The Maple Bacon Donut.

Look at the size of the thing!  

A staple at any fair.

Smoking Turkey Legs!

Only the patty is deep fried.  Pass.

I call foul on this fair food!

Artichoke & Spinach Crepe with Potatoes on the side.

This year's novelty fried item.

Fried Kool Aid.

Interior of the Fried Confection.

BBQ Beef Sundae - Smoked Meat Sitting on Mashed Potatoes Topped with BBQ Sauce.  Garnished with A Grape Tomato.

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn.

So this is where the Bacon for the aforementioned Donut comes from!

I kid!  THIS is where it comes from!

Michael's (Santa Monica)


Cocktail Menu.

Desert Fire.

Brown Butter Strawberry Tart.

The Penthouse (Santa Monica)



Inside on the Huntley Hotel - in the Penthouse of course.

Cocktail Menu.

Cocktail Menu Cont.

Blackberry & Pineapple Sidecar.

Black Olive & Sourdough Bread with Butter.

Amuse Bouche - Maple Bacon Popcorn.

Chorizo & Brocolli Rab Flatbread.

Octopus & Bean Salad.

Rock Shrimp & Grits.

Thyme & Cucumber Amnesia.

Pappardelle - Chicken Ragout, Preserved Tomatoes, Parmesan & Basil.

The view of the city and coastline from the Penthouse.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Escondite (Los Angeles)


Menu Cover.

 The Burgers.

 Apps, Fries, Salads & Sandwiches.

Don Ho - Beef Patty, Provolone, Pineapple Ring, Fresh JalapeƱos & Special Teriyaki Sauce.

The inside is nice and dim but the patio is where it's at.