Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bourbon Sour

Because we have 2 lemon trees in our backyard and my neighbor's key lime tree reaches over our wall, I am always making citrus based cocktails.  But one simple libation that I have never attempted is a "sour."  Based on many recipes I have looked over, a sour is a "sour," only if it has a base liquor, lemon or lime, a sweetener and egg white.  A sour is not a sour without an egg white.  I have seen a few sour recipes omit the egg white altogether, but to me the layer of frothiness that the egg white creates is key.  It adds virtually no flavor, but adds a silky mouth feel that you simply cannot duplicate with anything else.  Additionally, the frothy layer that the egg white creates, allows you to add a dash of bitters and come up a simple or funky design to embellish your drink.             

Bourbon Sour

1.5 oz.  Maker's Mark
2 oz.  Lemon Juice
2 oz.  Simple Syrup
1 tbps.  Egg White

In a shaker, with no ice, add all of the ingredients and shake vigorously.  You want to create an emulsion.  Once everything is well incorporated, add ice and shake for 8-10 seconds.  Strain the drink into a chilled coupe and allow the layers to settle (about 1 minute).  Cheers!


Bourbon Sour.

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