Monday, September 26, 2011

Fig Cocktail

Lilly just had to go to Trader Joe's over the weekend.  And of course, I had take her.  As it turns out, I'm glad I did because I ended up purchasing some much needed cocktail ingredients like agave nectar and honey.  That's when the cocktalian in me came out.  I bought figs and thought about making a fig simple syrup or infusing rum or bourbon with it.  But I wanted immediate gratification.

So, in a cocktail shaker, I muddled the hell out of 3 figs, added juice from 1 key lime, juice and orange peel from a quarter of an orange, added 2 ounces of brandy and topped it with ice.  I shook it vigorously and poured the entire mixture into a fig rimmed glass.  I thought the fig paired well with the brandy and the acid from the lime helped cut through some of the sweetness.  The orange added depth and fragrance/aromatics.  Overall, the flavor was a success.  I would improve upon this drink, by juicing figs next time.  Because I muddled the figs, the drink came out too pulpy.  I like pulp - just not in my cocktail.  I'll try making this drink again (with said modifications) real soon.  Stay tuned.            

Figgy Cocktail.

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