Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chez Melange (Redondo Beach)



Chips, Crackers & Pita Served with a Spicy Aioli & Black Bean and Sour Cream Dip.

Saz Dark - Rittenhouse Rye, Peychaud’s Bitters, Dash of Simple Syrup & Green Liquid Not to be Named.

Figs, Gorgonzola, Crispy Prosciutto & Balsamic Reduction.  Locally Grow by the same people that produced this...

...complementary glass of wine.  I had no idea they even grew grapes in Palos Verdes.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Watercress, Avocado, Smoked Olive Oil & Smoked Sea Salt.  

Sole Fillets over Mashed Potatoes.

Homemade Limoncello.

Twice Cooked Pork  - Braised, Grilled & Glazed Pork Shoulder, Country Braised Greens & Cheesy Grits. 

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