Monday, October 31, 2011

Las Perlas (Los Angeles – Downtown)


I had never noticed that they have a stuffed wabbit just outside the entrance.  Now that is what I call cute!


 They added some cocktails and...

 ...they have a printed menu to go with the old handwritten cardboard ones.

$5 Jalisco Punch... celebrate Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos.

Oaxacan Mule - Not strong enough a drink for you Jessie?  Perhaps if you knew what kind of drink you were ordering, you wouldn't have had this "problem."  By the way, the liquor was there - along with the other ingredients.  That's what took some of the edge off from the Mezcal.

Education/sample time -  Del Maguey's Santo Domingo Albarradas. 

Luckily for us, Raul Yrastorza, the GM of Las Perlas was right next to us and we were able to pick his brain on a variety of topics ranging from the current cocktail scene, to where we can score an authentic Mexican cocktail street-side in LA, to his knowledge of the Del Maguey line of Mezcals.

I think the Santo Domingo Albarradas is perfect for everyday use, whether sipping or having in a cocktail.  Being Mezcal, the smokiness is obviously in the forefront.  Just like Chichicapa though, this one has citrus overtones but a little bit less in my opinion.


The Limited bottling (650) and the thorough process in producing this particular spirit makes for it being on the high end of Mezcals (approximately $200).  Distillation and Filtration involves rice and the carcass of a chicken, specifically the breast - hence the name Pechuga.  It's distinguishing characteristic is that of mouth-feel.  This Mezcal can be used in cocktails but it should really only be sipped, as it is mostly brought out during ceremonious or celebratory events in Mexico.  The other Mezcals can be thought of as "palette cleansers" compared to this one.  This one feels heavier with more viscosity.  It's a definite treat if you get to try it.


 Crema de Mezcal.

For all you ladies and (some guys that I know), this one is for you.  This one had to have been produced with women in mind, as it has an abundance of sweetness to counter a lot of the natural smokiness that females tend to dislike so much when it comes to Mezcal.  Some of the things I tasted were, honey, figs and vanilla.  Again, fine for sipping or maybe even drizzling over poached pears or substituting for maple syrup when a recipe calls for it.  I imaging you could simply add lime juice and omit any sweetener for a simple yet tasty semi-smoky margarita.  Of all the Mezcals I tried, I would get this one next for how versatile and appealing it might be to non-mezcal drinkers.  A perfect gateway mezcal!       

I wish I could remember the details about this one but things began to get hazy.  I do remember liking it but after trying some of the other rather interesting Mezcals, this one paled in comparison.

Part of the Dia De Los Muertos/Halloween decor.


Even the Doorman/Bouncer got into the Holiday spirit!  Being 6'4, the guy is scary enough as it is.  Give em a mask, albeit a lucha libre one, and I wouldn't want to encounter this guy in a dark alley - or anywhere else for that matter.

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