Monday, October 10, 2011

Table 20's 2nd Annual LA's Best Bartender Competition @ Elevate Lounge (Los Angeles - Downtown)

The Contestants.

The Judges (from left to right) - Dale Degroff, Marcos Tello, Jessica Gelt, Johnny Luzzini, Bricia Lopez & Matthew Biancaniello. 

We were welcomed with a sample of The Theme Ingredient - Karlsson's Gold Vodka with Fresh Cracked Pepper.

The view from Elevate Lounge upon our arrival.

Ice Ice Shavie In the House!  

Ummm I'll take one of each please.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Pear.

Karlsson Cooler.

Boys To Mint.

Blueberry Larkin with Dulce De Leche Drizzled over the top.

Van Winkle.

Hammer Thyme.

Afternoon Delight.

Damn, my hands need lotion.  Oh... Cheese, Peach & Honey on Toast.

Grape Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil & Balsamic Reduction, on a stick.

Steamed Asparagus with Balsamic Reduction.

Barkeeper, my favorite Bar Accessory Store was there and I couldn't help myself when I saw this shirt.  Mine all Mine.  Now, I'm ready for some Bar Hoppin'!

But back to the competetion where things were heating up.

Here's the Line-Up.

The Spicy Strander - My runner-up.

Su Novia - My least favorite.  I didn't like it at all. 

Blues in Orbit - 3rd favorite.

The Waltz - My vote was for this drink.

Faster Young Fruit - 4th favorite but still good. 

My kind of Celebrity sighting - Amanda Baumgarten of Top Chef Fame.

Maybe this will be my big break! 

I hate lines.  Good thing they allowed us to claim multiple drinks at a time.

To the left [Wing]...Joseph Brooke contemplating what could have been.  I kid.  The results weren't even being calculated at this point.

and over to the right.

The sun setting on a very fun evening.   Can't wait til next year's!  But please, no more Vodka.  Mezcal?? 

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