Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tacos Delta (Los Angeles - Silver Lake)


"Baja Style" Fish Tacos are one of my absolute favorite things to eat.  I may have I do have a lot of favorite things to eat and almost 99.9% of them are on the unhealthy side.  But fish tacos are at the top of my list in terms favorites that afford me guilt-free eating.  I find them delicious and healthful aside from the fried batter on the fish and the scant amount of lard used to make the tortilla....and well, I suppose sometimes a few of the ingredients used in the sauce.  Okay, so upon further inspection, maybe they aren't the healthiest things to consume either...but the cabbage/lettuce slaw and pico de gallo have to count for something right?  That counts as a salad of sorts, doesn't it!?   


Anyway, it's been awhile since I've had fish tacos so when I came across the fish tacos on the menu of this restaurant shack, I just had to try them.  Tacos Delta offers them a la carte or with a side of rice and beans.  I never like to order anything at a Mexican restaurant with a side of those because 1) I eat  more than enough of that at home and 2) I find most of the beans and rice sides at restaurants to be pretty bad.           

Fish Tacos - 2 with A Chipotle Crema, 1 with a basic Sour Cream Sauce.  

I opted to order 3 tacos.  The fry on the fish was good, the fish was moist and the batter wasn't too thick.  These tacos came dressed with lettuce as opposed to the traditional cabbage that I prefer.  I liked the chipotle crema on the tacos but the original thinned-out sour cream ruined the other taco.  It was just too bland and milky over the fish - not a good combination. 

Another thing I did not like was that the tortillas were not warmed through enough or perhaps they were steamed because they did not hold well at all.  They were coming undone after just 1 bite.  If you are gonna serve tacos with some very wet ingredients on them, you got to make sure to double up on the tortillas and also griddle them over an oiled flat top.  For whatever it's worth, that's my preference and my 2 cents on this restaurant shack.  

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