Monday, December 5, 2011

Artisan House (Los Angeles - Downtown)


So far, I have only been to the bar to have drinks.  The cocktails on their drink menu are $12 but expect west-side prices ($15-17) once they unleash their molecular cocktails.  If you have been to The Bazaar, then you know what I'm alluding to.

I tried the "4 Leaf Agave" and enjoyed it very much.  It has tequila, Guinness and maple syrup in it.  It tasted like a grown up version of root beer.  I don't really care for root beer, but I liked this more than I thought I would.

Another drink I tried was the "Douce do Portugal."  It is made with cognac and port wine.  I thought this drink was lacking something - a sweetener perhaps?  It wasn't a balanced drink at all.  For a lack of a better description, this drink was too dry. 

I wanted to like this place more than I did, but I left feeling let down.  They have been in a soft-opening stage for a week now but the service was still lacking on the night that I went.  Also, from the drinks that I've had, they've all been missing something that was listed in the cocktail menu.

I am not rating my experience here on the lackluster service I received or the still-in-the-works drink menu.  So long as they are in their soft opening stage, I am only stating things merely as observations.

I will return in the near future to try some of the food and have some liquid nitrogen and agar agar cocktails (despite the price tag).  Like I said before, I want to like this place. Til next time...


The Bar.

Current Cocktail Menu.  Molecular Cocktails ($15-$17) debuting on Dec. 8th.

"Douce do Portugal" minus the Cacao Dust Garnish.

"4 Leaf Agave" minus the Graham Cracker Crumb Garnish.


6th & Main.

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