Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fresca Fruit (South Gate)


I was watching my sorry-ass Broncos when suddenly I began to crave some junk food.  I wanted something crunchy, fatty, meaty and filling.  But I'm on a pseudo diet so I had to think of other ways to satiate my appetite.  The main thing that I wanted was crunch.  I get pretty tired of having soft n smooth food for too long a period of time.  I wanted nachos!  I mean, nachos and football - a formidable pairing I think.  Well, I decided to keep the crunch of the chip but swap out the unhealthy meat and cheese of the nachos I originally wanted.  

I ended up going to a nearby bionicos establishment.  Bionicos, for those of you that don't know, are basically fruit salads mixed with raisins and cream.  Depending on where you go, they'll use different fruits and even incorporate nuts.  I've never actually had one myself but I've had other things on the menu.  Everything is so random at these Bionico "restaurants."  You can get smoothies, tacos, aguas frescas/fresh fruit juices, burritos, tejuino, tortas, atole, esquites,  champurrado, ice cream, street corn on the cob, shaved ice/raspados, tostilocos, etc.  

I was going to order tostilocos but when I saw that they had a derivative of it, I went with the Costa Brava with Aguachile instead.  For the most part, think of this dish as ceviche on Doritos.  Odd, I know.  The seafood was jaiva and aguachile.  

I've never tried aguachile but I had seen it on the menu of one of my favorite food trucks - Mariscos Jalisco.  Aguachile is a close cousin of ceviche but rather than letting the acid of the lime and/or lemon "cook" the seafood, here it acts more as a flavorant.  The seafood cures in the acid and chile for a very limited amount of time before being served icy cold and mostly raw.  Because the seafood is eaten in a very raw state, it's crucial to have the freshest seafood possible.  Shrimp and scallops are perfect foils for this method of food preparation - primarily for the texture and inherent sweetness.  But I digress...

I enjoyed the Costa Brava very much.  The seasoning was perfect and the aguachile was fresh.  To me, the jaiva was just filler and I was perfectly fine with that.  It is what it is, after all - imitation crab meat.  Not that there was anything wrong with the dish, but I was hoping that the Costa Brava would have been served with more chips, the way tostilocos are served.  I wanted to scoop more of the seafood and eat it with my chips, than eat it with a fork.  Either way, I got my fix (somewhat) and I avoided fatty food all while eating delicious food.  

Oh yeah, and my Broncos came back to win -  1st place, baby!                    

I have no idea what this place is called.  Do you?  

Costa Brava with Aguachile & Tapatio - Doritos, Jaiva, Shrimp, Lime Juice, Tomato, Avocado, Pickled Red Onions & Hot Sauces.



  1. That looks really tasty, Im so hungry :(

  2. It was tasty! And for the most part, you can get a very similar dish around many places in LA so you are never too far away from getting yourself some. :-)