Sunday, January 8, 2012

Früute (West Hollywood)


Their logo.

8 pieces of meticulously crafted Tarts.

Honey Butter - Butter Tart Drizzled with Honey. Topped with Raspberry & Cocoa Nib Wafer.

Budino - Butterscotch Pudding in a Chocolate Crust.  Topped with a Caramel-Filled Macaroon.

Citron - Lime Juice & Zest-Infused Custard, Pistachio Crust & Toasted Meringue.

Sea Salt Caramel - Macadamia, Sea Salt Caramel, Dried Berries & Honey in a Chocolate Crust.  Topped with Blackberry & Sea Salt.

Orange Wasabi - Spicy Japanese Horseradish & Blood Orange Center, Layered with Vanilla Frangipane in a Pistachio Crust.  Garnished with Mint Leaf Tempura.

Black Pepper - Pepper-Infused Bittersweet Chocolate with a Forest Berry Center.  Layered in a Frangipane in a Chocolate Crust.  Topped with Pepper Crisp & Blueberries.

Yuzu - Japanese Citrus Cream Cheese Custard in a Vanilla Crust.  Topped with a Golden Raspberry & a White Chocolate Fan.  

Cherry Puff - Chocolate Crunch Layered with Cherry Jam.  Topped with a Chocolate Glazed Morello Cherry Cream Puff & Garnished with a Gold Leaf.

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