Monday, January 23, 2012

Trader Vic's (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Menu Cover.

Original Mai Tai - The sole reason I decided to come here.  I expected to like it, which I did, but I still like the one at 320 Main better.

The story behind the drink.

Cracker, Breads & Peanut Butter Spread.  The Bread was stale.  It had the consistency of old bread, microwaved so as to soften it and then re-heated in the oven to crisp it up again.  As it sat on our table the bread continued to get harder and harder with each and every passing minute.  No bueno.

Strawberry Smoothie.

Baby Spinach, Artichoke, Blue Cheese & Pancetta Salad with a Warm Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Hawaiian Ahi Poke - Tuna in Soy Chile Marinade, Avocado & Taro Chips.

Salt & Pepper Shakers - They came in handy.

Malayan Chicken Skewers - Lemon Grass & Kafir Lime Marinade with Chutney.  One of the worst dishes I have ever had.  Over-cooked, under-seasoned, lukewarm and the chutney (this was no chutney folks) was a terrible tomato based sauce.  It tasted like something Sandra Lee would make.

I need a timeout.  Here, this is the Dining Room.  Notice all the empty tables.  There is a reason for that.

Beef Cho-Cho - Seared Steak with Soy Sake Sauce that we Finished on our very own "Hibachi."  Hibachi?  This is nothing more than a Chafing Dish Fuel Canister.

Okay, time to use my last timeout (and boy do I need it).  This is where I imagine they incinerate bloggers that bad mouth them.

Crispy Duck Tacos - Gyoza Wrappers, Fragrant Duck (from their website; I can't make this stuff up), Cucumber & Hoisin Chile Sauce.  I didn't taste or smell duck.  This might as well have been a sponge taco. sauced up with hoisin.  The dish was too sweet and the sauce completely overwhelmed the flavor of the duck.

If you see this sign, just keep walking/driving.  Seriously, if it weren't for the drinks, ahi tuna poke and the fact that the restaurant participated in a food deal program, thus enabling me to save some hard earned money at their establishment, this place would have merited half a star.  And that only because of the service.  Even then, it was marginal at best.  I can really only recommend coming here for sweet tropical cocktails and that is if you already happen to be at LA LIVE.   

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