Monday, February 6, 2012

Bäco Mercat (Los Angeles - Downtown)



Part of the Old Bank District Lofts.

Placemat with Insignia.

Inca Sour -  It wasn't prepared to order, but it was still good.  Just think of it as a punch style drink.  

Drinks portion of the menu.

Bäzole - Homemade Noodles, Beef & Pork Carnitas, Pork Chile Broth & Fried Egg.  Garnished with Cilantro & Scallions.

Crispy Head-On Shrimp with Pickled Cauliflower  & Paprika Cubeb-Long Pepper Aioli.

The Original" Bäco - Pork, Beef Carnitas, Grape Tomatoes, Mesclun Greens & Salbitxada.

Bäco Pop - Their very own Sugar Cane Orange Soda Flavored with Ginger & Juniper Berries.

"The Fava Fritter" Bäco - Feta-Poblano, Garbanzo, Salmorejo & Watercress.

Some other food items available.  This menu has Josef Centeno written all over it. 

Mirror adjacent to the bar.

Where we sat at the bar.  They accept reservations but the bar and patio are first-come, first-served.  I took this picture prior to them opening for business.

Another photograph of Bäco before they opened their doors to the public.  Notice the chairs.  Do they still use those in schools or are they not "green" enough?

Street-side view of the restaurant.

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