Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honey's Kettle (Culver City)



My 2 piece lunch combo.  My order came with a breast and Wing. You can ask for all white, all dark or split the colored meats.  The combo comes with fries, sweet dill pickles, the best [buttery] biscuits in town (my words!) and...


Don't forget to grab at least one of each sauce.  Tabasco Sauce, Secret Sauce & Honey.  The top 2 go wonderfully well with the best fried chicken in town (my words again!).

I made myself the best fried chicken sandwich out of the biscuit, slaw and chicken meat.  Absolute perfection!  The crispiest, crunchiest outer layer on that fried chicken and juiciest bird on the inside.

 The Kettle right before you walk into the restaurant. Voted Best Fried Chicken by Los Angeles Magazine.


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