Monday, February 13, 2012

Mint Julep

Among other things this past Christmas, Lilly Santa left me a jigger, a wooden muddler and a hefty ice-crushing machine.  She He really knows how to hook it up!  I wanted the jigger because I got tired of using a measuring cup and it looked tacky.  I wanted a wooden muddler because I was either using the opposite end of a wooden spoon to do all the work or I was using a plastic green one that came as a promotional gift with a bottle of cachaca that I bought.  The wooden spoon and plastic muddler worked just fine but still, they were tacky and amateurish.  

Now the ice crushing behemoth, I didn't feel like I absolutely had to have it, but I am one of those types that loves to chew on ice (especially fine ice).  You know the type.  Sure, I could have taken a bat or rolling pin to a lewis bag, but the ice wouldn't be fine enough and it would probably be uneven - some ice too fine and watery and some ice left in larger shards.  When it comes to my drinks, I demand to have cocktails the way they were intended to be made.  So, after doing some research on ice-shavers/ice-crushing machines, the answer was this.

           Apparently these are not made in the states so the internet is the only place you'll find them.  This contraption is perfect for making an ice bed to lay fresh seafood on like oysters, shrimp, crabs legs, etc.  It is also great for building snow cones, Hawaiian ice, raspados and the reason I wanted one to begin with - cocktails.   

For the first, of my many ice-crushing preparations to come, I decided to make the classic Mint Julep.  I intend on making a "fix" and a "swizzle" in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.   

The classic cocktail as prepared at PDT.  All I need now is a nickle or silver-plated mint julep cup.



  1. Silver Gallery has great quality Mint Julep Cups!

  2. Thanks for the link Peter! I had come across that website as well as a few others with similar prices. I remember seeing them on sale for $14. I guess I'm just waiting for a drop in price. Eventually, I will snag a couple though. Thanks again for the heads up!