Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paletería Limón (Maywood)



The Menu.

"Skippy" - A Raspado [of sorts] with Tamarind Syrup & Plum.

Cajeta Paleta  - Caramelized Goat's Milk Ice Cream Bar.

Delicious Caramel inside.

Nuez (Walnut) Ice Cream Bar.

Nance Fruit Paleta - The lady described Nance to me as being a "yellow cherry."  I was curious about this fruit so I looked it up....and while it isn't a yellow-cherry, it is similar enough or not very similar to anything else [locally].  So, I think "yellow cherry" is an apt description.  But back to the paleta; if you get this one, be careful you don't chip a tooth.  I counted 12 pits in mine.   

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