Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Cocktail - Black Flip (New York)

I was thinking of classic cocktails that began in New York but I kept coming across really boozy ones like The Manhattan.  I don't know about you, but I can't imagine lasting the duration of a game on tipples like The Manhattan.  I needed something that would be more "easy-drinking."  That's when I gave up my search for classic New York Cocktails and jumped right into a "book" I bought as soon as I found out it was on the market.  I'm talking about Jim Meehan's, "The PDT Cocktail Book."

This book contains all of the cocktails ever put on a menu at one of the thee world's best bar, PDT (Please Don't Tell) from the day they opened their doors to the public, to the day the book was published.  I was looking for something to jump out at me and that's when I came across a cocktail reminiscent of one I recently enjoyed at 1886 - The (Chic)ory Flip.  The drink I decided on from the book is called the Black Flip.  Both drinks are superb.  They both incorporate a dark beer, a spirit, a sweetener and a whole egg.  These "Flips" are perfect wintertime libations if you aren't up to a hot toddy.  They are full-flavored from the dark beer and spirits, creamy from the egg white and rich from the yolk. 

If you like eggnog...you'll enjoy this drink.  If you like dark rum...you'll love this drink.  If you like dark beer...you'll love this drink.  If you like great cocktails...you'll love this drink, make this drink or at least order a drink of its kind at a craft cocktail bar!  Cheers!     


The source of my concoction.  This book is awesome!  My kinda literature!

The Recipe.

The Ingredients.

The Black Flip - I Garnished mine with Ground Coffee Beans & Ground Espresso for a little Texture & added Aroma.

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