Monday, February 20, 2012

The Varnish (Los Angeles - Downtown)



Reminds me of Boardwalk Empire.

The Cocktails on the Menu that I never order.  One day.

A new addition to their menu.  Not that you haven't been able to order straight spirits to sip in the past, but now they have a menu with corresponding prices.

Good thing I have a bottle of the Chichicapa at home.

I forgot the name of this one.  The server called it Laphroaig something-or -rather.  Odd because I ordered a shaken drink with rum.  Laphroaig is whiskey and this did not have whiskey in it.  I think she gave me the wrong name of the drink.  Anyway, it tasted like it had light rum, lime and mint.  Beyond that, I couldn't tell you.   Just another reason to order straight from the bar.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to do so.  Eugene was the only bartender behind the stick at this point and when that happens, they ask that no one order from the bar. 

 Bee's Kiss - Rum, Cream & Honey.

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