Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Fish Taco in Ensenada (Los Angeles - Los Feliz)



Pretty much the entire menu - although, they recently started selling "papatacos" and ceviche.  As far as the drinks go, they had horchata, jamaica and tamarindo on the day I went.  But you can also get canned and bottled soft drinks.       

The place was packed more than usual as people were coming in to redeem their soon-to-be expiring vouchers, certificates or coupons (as some of you refer to them).  I was one of them.  

Because of my "Pay $5 now for a $10 'coupon'" (whatever!), I was able to get 2 shrimp tacos, 2 fish tacos, jamaica and a papataco.  I thought the tacos were good but I really didn't care for any of the salsas.  They didn't taste very fresh or spicy.  

You place your order at the counter with a very amicable guy by the name of Joseph and you wait for your name to be called out.  The seafood tacos are handed to you bare as can be.  Fresh out of the fryer, onto a tortilla, then over to your plate.  You do the rest.  They have a Salsa Bar with 5 or so mild salsas, pickled shredded radishes and finely shaved cabbage.  Again, the salsas weren't very spicy at all.  What I was missing was heat, lime and a crema of some sort.  For some reason, they didn't have a creamy sauce at the bar and no limes were anywhere to be seen.  Bummer.

The patio is rather nice and partially shaded.  Good thing for me because the inside was full and 5 minutes after taking this pic, the patio had no vacancy at all.  Each table outside has a salt shaker and Tapatio bottle.  I was happy to see good 'ole reliable "Tapa" to come to the rescue.

My "Papataco."  I grew up eating many starchy potato tacos, but never like this.  I liked what I was given but this was the first time I had a potato taco where the tortilla wasn't fried crisp.  Here, it is just warmed up.  One of the pleasures I get from tacos de papa, is the crunch I get when I bite into one.  Needless to say, this taco was texturally challenged.  When you order this particular taco, the lady will ask what garnishes you want on them.  My options were cotija cheese, cilantro, beans (I think) and either a tomatillo salsa or chipotle sauce.

Best Fish Taco In Ensenada?  Hardly.  But the seafood is fresh, the customer service is great, the patio is nice and if you can get a deal, then I can dig it.

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