Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bruery (Placentia)



The yummy goodness available on tap on 3/2/12.

I paid $8 for 5, 2 ounce pours and my very own tulip glass to keep.  Nice deal.  I started out with the Chocosaurus Rye.  I had never tried something this dark from the Bruery.  I'm glad I did.  This was my 2nd favorite beer out of the 5 I tried.

 Next up was the Humulus Lager with Ginger.  This had a very fragrant nose of citrus and ginger.  If you enjoy Hefs, you'll love this.

Berazzled Sour Ale - If you don't like beer, you will like this.  If you like cranberry juice and lambics, you will love this.  This sour was easy-drinking with above average carbonation.

 The scene inside The Bruery.

 White Oak - My favorite beer of the night.  This one was Cask-Conditioned and higher in abv (11%).  I wonder if that had any bearing on this being my favorite beer of the night.  Naaaaah.

Saison de Lente '10 - My least favorite.  It's not a knock on the beer, really.  It's just that I found the others more exciting.

A closer look at the Barrels of Beer and some merchandise for sale.

 In the end, after sampling 5 beers, I went with a full glass of Chocosaurus Rye to cap off my drinking [here].  I would have gotten the Whte Oak but by then, they had tapped out.  Next time!  

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