Sunday, March 11, 2012

Golden Gopher (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Signage.  Now this place I do enjoy.

 The Cocktail Menu that I still have not ordered from.

Beer Menu.

I got a Beer Flight - Golden Road Hef, Allagash Black, Golden Chaos & Anchor's Porter.  My favorite was the Allagash's Black.  Surprise!  Surprise!

The Bar.

Aside from the fact that the bar has good beers constantly rotating, Ms. Pacman, a pool table and an outdoor patio for smoking, this is why I like to come here.

As a matter of fact, I do!  And yes, please do!

This is what I bought.  

I'm not so sure I'd describe it as gloopy and viscous.  Viscous for an Ale, I suppose but not overly.  As far as gloopy goes; I'm not so sure I can think of one gloopy beer.  If any come to mind, it would be Sam Adam's Triple Bock. 

I love me some barrel aged, whiskey conditioned beer.  Aside from the added complexity it imparts into the beer, it also weighs in at just above 10% ABV.

Born on Date & Bottle #.  

 I enjoyed this beer.  It's definitely a beer to sip on during the cold weather months.  It is heavy on malt, molasses, coffee and chocolate with notes of caramel and dark fruit.   The hops are present but balanced.  Although, I would have preferred more carbonation, this is a beer I wouldn't mind having again.  

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