Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh My Burger (Gardena)



Big Luther with OMB Fries - This hamburger was sinfully delicious.  After one bite, I knew it had instantly become my favorite ghetto hamburger.  The thing isn't even huge but the sheer decadence of it packs a punch.  There is nothing healthful about this guilty pleasure.  Absent are the tomatoes, lettuce, onions and even a white bun would have been healthier than Krispy Kreme Buns.  This burger was an absolute treat and I intend on returning annually for it.               

Menu Description.

Big Homie with Chili Cheese Fries.

  Menu Description. 

The Dining Area.

Some of the sides they have available -  Unfortunately for me, the green tomatoes are not yet in season.  I enjoyed my fries but had I been aware that they have fried pickles, I would have liked to have tried them.  Previously, I have tasted them at Beechwood BBQ and the now defunct 8 oz Burger Bar.    

Did Somebody say challenge??

You know, if I were a skinny dude I'd give myself a puncher's chance to beat this challenge but since I'm not, I won't even try it.  

Menu Cover.

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