Monday, March 5, 2012

The Spice Table (Los Angeles - Little Tokyo)



Beer List - I like the fact that you can buy 4 ounce tasters without having to commit to a flight.  I had the Numbskull Barley Wine, Dark Seas Imperial Stout and Craftsman's Pre-Prohibiton Style Pale Lager.  While I enjoyed the Barley Wine and Stout the best, the lager was a better pairing for the food I ordered.

Cold Cut Sandwich - perfect lunch fare.

Most of the Lunch Menu.

Fries with Ketchup & Curry Dipping Sauce.  I'll pass on these next time.  They were fairly pedestrian.

Speaking of next time;  The Spice Table created a Hamburger for Burger Week last year.  It was so popular, that they decided to keep it on the menu.  I must have it.  I will have it.

The front of the restaurant.

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